We Make Waste Management Easy

Waste management and recycling should be easy, hassle-free and not cost the earth – in fact we can usually save you 25-35% compared to your current waste management provider!

We Care

We only use our own fleet of branded vehicles and bins, for a simple, secure, convenient service. Our recycling service is tailored to your needs based on available space and waste production etc.

Why Choose FJL?

  • Our own branded vehicles

  • Our own bins

  • Zero to Landfill

  • Deal directly with us

  • Save 25-35% on average

  • Bin Collections

  • Recycling Solutions

  • Chain of custody (CoC)

Commercial waste is different to household/domestic waste and it is becoming more and more important for companies to be able to show they are disposing of it in a responsible, and environmentally conscious way.

Recycling Services for everyone

We believe that being green should not cost you a penny more. Being environmentally conscious should save you money, not cost the earth. That is the basis of our recycling services.

More than Bin Collection

Commercial waste collection is only the start of the process, you need to make sure that it is collected and then dealt with in the best way possible – Zero to landfill is the best possible way.