Recycling and the Law

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With recent changes to recycling laws it is vital that your company recycles as much of the waste it produces as possible.

Waste can be described in several ways. It is defined in the law as “any substance or object which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard” (Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC).

Anyone who produces, imports, keeps, stores, transports, treats or disposes of waste must take all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is managed properly. For businesses disposing of waste efficiently is becoming much more important. It is estimated that over half of what goes into our bins can be recycled or composted.


Our Waste Management and Recycling Solutions will offer all the required segregation for you and provide you with a report for your previous months recycling. Our commercial waste and recycling services include food waste, glass waste, dry mixed (cardboard, paper etc) and even general waste (residual waste).

Commercial waste is separated into waste types or streams and each is recycled in a particular way, with varying levels of recycled goods, for example glass can be recycled into high-grade glass for bottles or new glasses etc. But it can also be recycled into eco-sand that is commonly used in the construction industry.

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