Glass Recycling Solutions

Glass recycling is ideal for businesses in the hospitality industry and retail such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, gastropubs, shops, supermarkets etc. Pubs with produce a large quantity of glass bottles every day, but also any glass breakages need to be recycled.

Glass recycling collected by FJL Recycling is taken to a state of the art plant where it is sorted into different glass types. Most of the container glass (bottles, jars etc) recycled in the UK are simply turned back into container glass. The glass recycling process is so good that it actually uses far less energy and water to recycle glass that it does to make glass from raw materials! The chemical structure and nature of glass also means that it can be recycled continuously with no deterioration. Any contaminated glass that is mixed with other materials is transformed into Eco-Sand which is then used as paving sand for under block paving and concrete slabs. Again; nothing is wasted and nothing ends up at landfill.

Did you know that in the UK we already recycle 50% of our glass waste?

Well that’s pretty good, but Switzerland and Finland are beating us with around 90% of their glass recycled – so we have a little way to go yet.

Unfortunately waste management in the UK business sector still has a long way to go; as bars, restaurants and pubs currently throw away 200,000 tonnes of glass every year, that still ends up in landfill – we want to change that!

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