Dry Mixed Recycling Solutions

Dry mixed recycling is delivered to a materials recovery facility where the materials to be recycled are sorted and baled into the different waste streams for example: Cardboard, Cans, Paper, Plastics and Metals – the material is then reprocessed and put back into the product chain.

Paper Recycling Solutions:

Paper and cardboard are widely recycled and with very good reason. Did you know that it actually uses far more energy and water to produce paper from raw materials than it does to recycle it? And though paper is biodegradable, if its sent to landfill as it breaks down and rots it gives off methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. So recycling is definitely the way to go and we can help as our waste management and recycling services are ‘zero to landfill’. The UK currently recycles 67% of it’s cardboard waste, but we know that can be improved – and we want to help you do it!

Did you know that it takes 7 days for a recycled newspaper to be back as a newspaper again? So you may well be reading the same newspaper this time next week. All of the newsprint in the UK currently uses 78% recycled paper.

Paper recycling is an ideal solutions for offices, retail/shops. If you produce any amount of paper waste, general office waste paper, printer recycling or cardboard recycling, we can help with a waste management solution for your output and space. Get in touch to see how much we can save you compared to your current provider.

Facts and figures from Recycle now

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