Commercial Waste Recycling for London

Commercial Waste recycling is more than simple rubbish collection, it’s advanced recycling and resource recovery to save your company money and divert your waste from landfill.

We have created a simple, hassle-free solution that can usually save you 25-35% compared to your current waste recycling provider! Why not get in touch to see how much we can save you on waste recycling?

The government has gradually become stricter with how businesses should dispose of their commercial waste and it has now become law for businesses to recycle. All recycling service providers will gradually transition to ‘Zero to Landfill‘.  At FJL Recycling we are already there!

It is vital that your company recycles as much of the waste it produces as possible. but without the expense of segregating waste streams – by using FJL commercial waste recycling we do all the segregating for you and provide you with a report for your previous months recycling.

  • No Duty of Care Charge

  • No Environmental Charge

  • No Container Rental Charge

  • No Admin Fees