Bin Sizes

We offer a range of recycling bin sizes to suit your needs, available space and waste production, these include pre-paid bags and various recycling bin sizes – 1100L, 660L, 360L, 240L, 120L wheelie bins.

View the various types and bin sizes below…

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Residual Waste (black lid)

The residual waste or general waste as it is commonly known that FJL Recycling collects is disposed off at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where the non combustible materials such as glass and metal are removed leaving mainly organic and biodegradable material. This material is then used in a number of ways to produce electricity.

Mixed Recycling Green Recycling & Waste management London FJL Recycling

Dry Mixed Recycling (green lid)

The mixed recycling that FJL Recycling collects are delivered to a materials recovery facility where the materials are sorted and bailed into the different waste streams. For example; Cardboard, Cans, Glass, Paper, Plastics and Metals. The material is then reprocessed and put back into the product chain.

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Food Recycling (brown lid)

Food recycling from packaged and unpackaged food collected by FJL Recycling is sent to a processing plant where it is broken down in a temperature controlled vessel until sterile, the end product is then used by farmers in the UK as cost effective fertilisers high in nutrient.

Mixed Glass Recycling Recycling & Waste management London FJL Recycling

Glass Recycling (blue lid)

The coloured glass recycling collected by FJL Recycling is taken to a state of the art aggregate plant where it is then transformed into Eco-Sand which is then used paving sand for under block paving and concrete slabs.